Akbarzai group incepted the mining and exports of Afghan coal back in 2007, with an initial enquiry as chosen panel company by Pakistan’s largest and number one coal company,Awan trading with an annual turnover in excess of $ 1 billion USD.

Akbarzai started marketing the coal as Takbeer traders in Pakistan to numerous industries and with 10 years plus of market presence and active positive growth of trade, month on month, the company has grown from 500 tonnes per month of high calorific quality coal to a total of 10% of Afghanistan’s total coal export company.

Currently, we supply by fulfilling procurement of clients for a high GCV of 5800 KCAL/KG to 8000 KCAL/KG, low ash, low moisture and low sulphurcoal from mines acquired in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

(Akbarzai Coal in transit from remote Afghanistan to industrial clients about 1700 km away in Pakistan)

(Akbarzai Coal facility in North West Pakistan)

(Akbarzai’s   Leasehold  natural coal mine in remote  North Afghanistan)

(Akbarzai’s  upstream extraction operators at the site in Afghanistan)

(Akbarzai’s coal loading in remote Afghanistan prepared for dispatch)

(Sample collection of Akbarzai’s Coal for GCV, sulphur, ash and moisture analysis)

(Industrial Kiln fueled by Akbarzai Coal in Punjab, Pakistan)


Talc, commercially known as soapstone is available for procurement and logistics services to any destination in the world – Akbarzai has sourced, mined and supplied the mineral with time efficient logistics and conveyance to clients, worldwide.

Contact us for your Talc (Soapstone) needs for a competitive FOR price to your destination.

(Akbarzai’s Soap Stone offloading and packaging site)

(Akbarzai  Talc ( Soap Stone ) offloaded at Client’s warehouse)


In the year 2014 Akbarzai Group signed a joint venture with Pakistan’s largest mailing and logistic organization TCS to launch their services and expertise under their brand married with Akbarzai’s logistic expertise in Kabul Afghanistan to be then expanded to other cities of Afghanistan.

In collaboration with Pakistan Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan, the primary objective of the launch is to facilitate Afghans in visa to Pakistan processing in Kabul at Akbarzai’s commercial block in central Kabul.

The joint venture then projects to approach numerous other missions in Kabul to subcontract their visa services to TCS Afghanistan and minimize their workload and security concerns in the capital.

This project is in planning and licensing stages with Akbarzai Group, TCS, our affiliate Canadian company Think Renewables Inc and the Government of Pakistan.

Watch this space for the launch announcement.

(Akbarzai Group consortium  with TCS Pakistan for their logistics launch in Afghanistan)

(Vice Chairman Mr M Wali Akbarzai presenting Akbarzai Group to President of TCS)


Afghanistan is world famous for its large deposits of Lapis Lazuli – Akbarzai can supply large quantities of this stone per month to any destination in the world with samples available at our Pakistan and UK office.

Upon instruction and enquiry, Akbarzai can source the high worth Afghan emerald and ruby for high -end buyers in the international market.

We are currently approached by an approximately 1 kg ruby rock owner to market this unmatchable piece of stone in the international market for them and are seeking a 7 figure price for the stone. Contact us for your gemstone requirements.

(Afghan Lapis Lazuli)


Akbarzai constructions in collaboration with DMC constructions has successfully built a bridge in Aino Mina of South Afghanistan for our client Mr. Mahmood Akbarzai (Brother of Ex-President of Afghanistan)


Akbarzai Group assisted the Marriott group with construction procurement in the international market and the logistics of the material from Pakistan to Kabul, Afghanistan – The group provided a one window service to minimize the capital cost and enhance the erecting of the process of the building for the hotel.


In the year 2012 Akbarzai constructions in collaboration with EA consultants designed and surveyed for Government of Afghanistan to retrofit the famous Arthal (Harten) bridge in Kabul Afghanistan which had been declared as one of the historical sites of Afghanistan.