The Akbarzai group, formerly Akbarzai & Co., Ltd, was established in Kabul, in 1964, by the late H. M. Aamir Akbarzai and H. Q. Akbarzai, two brothers from eastern Afghanistan. The company was later officially incorporated in 1984 with a very small office in the historic trading block known as Zardad market in Kabul. The company began its journey of international trade back in the 1960’s with an export of fresh grapes from Afghanistan to Pakistan and India, via Wagah. Akbarzai has been represented in Pakistan’s historic old city in Namak Mandi from the primitive days of trading in Peshawar, Pakistan via a joint venture and partnership with the influential late Haji Behroz Khan Mohmand, who was one of our first partners and investor in the business of fresh fruits.

Initially, Akbarzai & Co., Ltd traded in the export of fresh fruits from Afghanistan, and the importing of tea from India, Sri Lanka, and China. With the passage of time, we have blossomed into a company that deals in a variety of goods – including the importing and exporting of sugar, tea, cooking oil, dairy products, logistics, construction, and minerals. At the same time, we have established a sound distribution network in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Whether to India, Central Asia, the Middle East or beyond, Akbarzai & Co, has paved the way for commerce in the region, primarily seeking out as general traders, transporters, importers and exporters. As a legacy that continues to this day, the company’s presence in the business community remains as strong as ever.

Historically, our company was a leading supplier of sugar, consolidated food containers, raw silk, South Korean automobiles, tea, milk powder and cooking oil in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Additionally, we export coal, soapstone, chromite and scrap metal from the Central Asian Republics and Afghanistan. Furthermore, we provide logistical and procurement services and offer a one window service to our global clientele in the region. Recently, we have also ventured into development, construction supervision and contracting.

Carrying on in this tradition, the founder of Akbarzai & Co. founded the firm in 1964, starting out primarily as a trader and exporter carrying the farmed fresh and dried fruits of Afghanistan to neighbouring Pakistan and then to India. He soon branched out to importing, bringing in tea from India, Sri Lanka and China. His diligence and work ethic helped the business to flourish, attracting investors and allowing the firm to expand to associated fields like logistics, supply chain management, brand management, and development.

With the scions of the family taking up the mantle, Akbarzai & Co. diversified into such fields as construction, real estate and retail franchising. It further expanded into the United Kingdom with the establishment of its sister company, Akbarzai UK, which now oversees its technology projects in Afghanistan as well.

With more than half a century’s worth of experience, Akbarzai & Co. has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It is with that same resolve to achieve, that the firm now looks ahead to the future with aims to take part in the mining and renewable industries, and ultimately become a pioneering firm for a green and sustainable Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The company has always remained an investor in people and a helping hand for local communities with a strong philanthropic stance. The group has been an active donor and supporter of the British Islamic Relief charity for their endeavours in relocating the IDP’s from the southern Afghan province Helmand to Kabul. We also actively donate to the British charity Orphans In Need, the Pakistani Edhi Foundation – the world’s largest ambulance provider, and the Afghan NGO, AFSECO.

Chairman H. Q. Akbarzai, Vice Chairman and Group MD M. W. Akbarzai at Afghan American Chambers of commerce (AACC) Annual Conference 2010