Akbarzai UK is a sister company of Akbarzai Group, and Akbarzai & Co. LTD. It is run and managed by Masood Akbarzai, group business development director and CEO of Akbarzai Tech UK.

Masood has over a decade of experience in international markets and varied industries. His expertise has proven to be very beneficial to the Akbarzai Group. He works as an interlocutor for the group in B2B support, and works on complex subject matter in tackling risk and profitability forecasting using advanced computational methods.

Akbarzai UK predominantly specialises in the following:

  • Process engineering (design, risk and safety)
  • Forensic technical and financial audit
  • Renewable industries
  • Retail (F&B)
  • Digital marketing and digital reach
  • Contract negotiations
  • Forecasting and forensic mathematical modeling and algorithms to assess capital and operating cost savings for start-ups and existing small to large businesses

We supply and facilitate the headquarter with technical expertise, scrutiny of financial audits and marketing, and have consulted for various manufacturing industries to date.

Akbarzai UK has counselled for one of the top three FTSE 100 companies in the capacity of digital marketing and digital reach modeling, to capture a targeted audience of affluent millennial. Beside manufacturing industries, the company has advised startups in virtual reality (VR) technology and financial institutions.

In 2014. Akbarzai UK introduced – as a master franchisee in Manchester- Canada’s largest specialty coffee retailer since 1975, the Second Cup Coffee Company Inc., to the U.K for the very first time.

From venturing out as a startup to reaching over 70% growth in sales, Second Cup proved itself to be a leading entrant player in one of the fastest growing, recession-proof industries in the U,K. The coffee industry, at an estimated total worth of £8.9 billion, is anticipated to outnumber pubs by 2030.

Masood has also advised Second Cup for their group digital marketing endeavours in their international market of over 200 outlets worldwide. However, in 2017, Akbarzai UK  sold its shares in the brand and is now advising other startups to excel in growth.

Akbarzai UK further specialises in residential and commercial real estate and has carried out projects in the acquisition of real estate, to revamp for change of use (residential to commercial and vice versa) for the group and other clients.


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    ( CEO & Director Akbarzai UK )
  • Mr Jack Lewis
    ( Marketing manager Akbarzai UK)


As part of its wider portfolio, Akbarzai Tech UK intently works on tech-savvy projects. Whilst staying up-to-date with modern world technology innovations, there is a discerning focus on the renewable industries. Our department works closely with multiple technology companies worldwide to draw up new plans and strategies which are then counselled to clients of Akbarzai Tech UK.

Presently, Akbarzai Tech UK is working on new research for projects to be put in place in situations where high-worth energy is lost in waste heat produced by HVAC systems. The technology allows for collecting waste heat from air conditioning systems in large commercial buildings and industries, helping them to cut net operating energy costs. The system can be applied to domestic use as well.

We are also working on VR and AR technologies for mining industries to operate and capitalise on mine operations and investment in high-risk security zones. For more information, refer to our “Mining” tab.

Primarily, the technology focus is on energy storage and consumption at lower or zero rate via renewable use. We are in the process of developing models for private and public sector clients worldwide to utilise energy conservation, save money, and play their part in tackling extreme climate change.

Akbarzai Tech UK counsels for big companies in relation to carbon footprint reductions and its impingement of global warming potential (GWP) as well.

Contact Masood here or fill out the Contact Akbarzai UK form at the bottom of this page with your email address to book an initial consultation for your technology projects.


This is a foundational core expertise of Akbarzai Tech UK and a specialty discipline of Masood himself. The company has carried out projects ranging from design, safety and risk analysis, and optimum operating and capital costs scrutiny for clients in the oil and gas, speciality chemicals, and minerals industries.

We specialise in process integration for which Masood was trained at the University of Manchester. It is the world’s capital for process integration and the birthplace for chemical engineering.

Process integration is an intricate area of chemical engineering that uses advanced computational mathematical models with programs like Aspen Plus, PRO II and Aspen HYSYS. These simulators run on computer languages that solve simultaneous differential equations, to then work out a heat exchanger network (HEN) design for reusing steam from process to process to lessen boiler load. This then results in energy savings of millions of pounds per year.

The revamping and retrofitting of process operations and designs is a specialty that isn’t very common amid institutes and industries worldwide, and our company is proud to have Masood as a specialist in this discipline. We have helped plants and operation processes in reducing their capital and operation costs in millions of pounds per annum, by using advanced computational process integration methods.

If you are running a business that involves energy processes and requires a high capital cost machinery and equipment procurement, we can assist you with the initial launch and operational savings. If you are already an established business then we can help to identify operating cost savings and increase the cycle time of your production, resulting in multiplied net profits.

In addition to design and integration to identify the optimum mode of operation to save and increase profits, we can make detailed audits of your safety and risk systems in place using safety integrity levels (SIL), quantitative risk analysis (QRA), and hazards and operability studies (HAZOPS).

Akbarzai Tech has built and revamped plants and processes for businesses in numerous industries in the U.K, Europe, middle-east and Asia, helping clients to achieve higher targets and save on operations and capital costs.

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Akbarzai UK has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, digital reach, lead generation, content creation and targeted audience based reach via algorithms. We are now solely dedicated to consulting and overseeing marketing endeavours of large corporations and advising them on pitfalls, gap and further opportunities that their marketing department or contracted marketers and content creators may be missing.

Masood was commended by the Second Cup Coffee Company Inc., and their franchisees worldwide on his tactics to reach out to a wider audience and in particular, to affluent millennials. His ideas were incorporated into seasonal menu engineering in his tenure of partnership with the brand. The flagship store that was owned by Akbarzai UK showed 75% growth with ubiquitous regional digital reach, and remained the fastest growing trading store on comparative YTD% sales.

Masood has advised one of the top three FTSE-100 blue-chip companies in successfully multiplying sales of one of their products and has counselled from financial institutions to celebrity individuals, to economists and traders.

He has mentored and trained many individuals on becoming ethical growth hackers in the digital world to reach out to an audience and maximise sales of services and products. Masood is also working on a concept with an anticipated capacity to reach out to over 50 million subscribers worldwide, which can then be utilised to advertise numerous brands and products to a mass audience.

His unique approach towards a subject matter takes into account the targeted audience, understanding their mindsets to then draw plans for making your existing product attractive to them without changing your concepts.

If you are an individual in dire need of reaching a targeted audience, or a medium-to-high worth company struggling with your existing marketing efforts, contact Masood here or fill out the Contact Akbarzai UK form at the bottom of this page with your email address to book an initial consultation. He can then advise further on loss prevention due to unresponsive and nonproductive marketing which is resulting in a loss of time and money, and draw up a plan for optimum result-oriented marketing strategies that use the latest state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and algorithms.

We are currently dealing with enquiries from large organisations in relation to auditing their advertising efforts, followed by advice on a corrected and preemptive approach.


Akbarzai International Investments is overseen and managed by Akbarzai UK. One of the expert sectors for the company is residential and commercial real estate within the U.K. We have successfully carried out acquisitions of residential dwellings and commercial trading units, and have converted them for change of use to either multi-let units or residential to commercial use and vice versa.

Masood has in-depth, profound knowledge and experience of real estate and is commended for his skills in the art of negotiation whether it be of a lease or freehold acquisitions along buy-to-let, or hold-and-sell strategies.

He has sound knowledge of property law in the U.K and has connections to renowned and reputable law firms, analysts and property surveyors within the industry, alongside auctioneers and speciality agents.

If you are an individual or organisation based outside the U.K, we can assist you in acquiring high percentage yield rental income real estate in the U.K, and can further advise on key locations for purchases with future growth appreciation as high as 300%. We work with international mortgage advisers in the U.K and can acquire both one-off cash buyers for outright purchase or loaned properties for international investors.

If you or your family are intending to relocate to the U.K via investment routes, we can help you with business and investment advice, and instruct our panel immigration firm on your behalf for your swift relocation to the U.K.

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Akbarzai UK has just under a decade of experience in retail, specifically the food and beverage sector. We are known for pioneering the first time launch of Canada’s largest specialty coffee retailer since 1975, in the U.K.

The launch of Second Cup led to interest from numerous large corporations, including a billion dollar turnover company, to invest in the brand and grow the network in the U.K.

We have a very sound understanding of the U.K’s food and beverage market, particularly the chained and independent coffee market.

According to Allegra world coffee portal, the coffee industry in the UK is manifesting its fastest growth ahead of other food and beverage (F&B) concepts within the industry. The total turnover by all coffee outlets in the UK for 2016 was estimated at £8.9 billion, and the industry is expected to outnumber pubs in the country by 2030 as cafés become the new ‘local’, nationwide. The year-on-year growth is mostly contributed by the branded coffee sector that has led the industry to grow in multiplier factors, with over 2.3 billion cups of coffee purchased. However, in recent years, the specialty independent market has seen a sharp incline in the number of outlets opened per city in the country.

If you are planning to launch or invest into the F&B sector as owner/investor or owner/operator, we can advise you on locations, projections and marketing for a successful outcome. We can provide a very detailed, audited scrutiny for the beverage and dessert industry of which dessert is on the growth of 60% year-on-year.

Masood can design and advise from front-end concept to detailed trading projections for F&B retail businesses in the U.K.

Contact Masood here or fill out the Contact Akbarzai UK form at the bottom of this page with your email address to book an initial consultation if you need assistance and advise with inception or marketing of an existing business within the U.K.


The launch of Second Cup Coffee in the UK