The Akbarzai Group is a family-based trading company that was established in 1964, and incorporated in 1984, with headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. With further branches in other cities of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the U.K., the group has a credible and ubiquitous brand identity within the business community, partnering firms and organizations worldwide.

With over half a century of regional and international trading experience in central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, we specialise in mining, logistics, construction, and technology. We instigate projects for clients by assisting with front-end consulting, exploration, sourcing and conveyance of the desired product or service.

Over the years we have excelled and honed our expertise in introducing new brands and innovative products to our existing and new clientele, by creating a market space for our national and international partnering firms, clients and investors in the region. We are a marketer and B2B distributor for high net worth producers and wholesale buyers. “In a nutshell, Akbarzai is an interlocutor for bilateral trade and services amid public and private sector organizations border(s) apart.”

The present board is made up of a mix of Afghan, Pakistani, British and American directors, shareholders, and affiliates, holding qualifications from renowned institutions worldwide. They possess decades of international experience in business, commerce, e-commerce, engineering and technology, finance and accounting, politics and international relations.

Currently, our company is one of the leading suppliers of high calorific industrial-grade coal that is supplied to our industrial clients, including a top-tier ranked number one, with a billion U.S. dollars plus turnover coal company. With the humble inception of the coal business in 2007 upon clients’ inquiry, Akbarzai started the exploration, testing, sourcing and an initial supply of 500 tonnes per month to the client. It has now grown into 10% of the total export of Afghan coal to a list of international buyers.

As of 2018, we have taken instructions and an LOI from one of our reputable and high net worth clients to source and supply large volumes of iron per month. We are actively seeking iron ore mines to acquire, and partnering with suppliers for a joint venture. Whilst working closely with our Head of Technology, Akbarzai UK, and other affiliates, we have plans to facilitate with lithium ores exploration and supplies of Afghanistan in the near future for Akbarzai UK’s renewable energy business and clients. We work closely with key people and government bodies worldwide, primarily the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Chambers of Commerce and Foreign Missions.

We take great pride in our team and our hard-working operators and personnel across the borders that have formed our integrated management system, sustainability, and help to achieve our corporate responsibility. We consider ourselves to be investors in people, and at Akbarzai our staff are our first priority, who we then have faith in to carry out tasks diligently for our valued clients. The company has always invested in people for increasing its capacity and competency by actively recruiting young, enthusiastic and skilled people to cope with our increasing demands from clients, and creating jobs for the fresh talent in our communities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the U.K.

We are one of the very few entities in the region “the developing world”, that promotes the awareness and veracity of global climate change. We take care to incite the urge amidst organisations and communities, to invest in renewable energies and products, to ultimately preclude the potential undermining of our newly born industries which are posing a further risk to our environment and future generations.

We are also very discerning on regulatory compliance and adherence to health and safety of our personnel, and take measures to raise an adequate degree of loss prevention. We comply with ISO standards and abide by legislation set by local governments and customs. We are persevering with further enhancing the health and safety of mine operators in Afghanistan by liaising with the Afghan government, as the country is relatively new to the humongous volume mining and exploration market.