Chairman & Founder of Akbarzai Group

Years of Experience: 61 Years

H. Q. Akbarzai is the founder of the Group, still working in the capacity of chairman. Born in 1947, he joined the business at the age of 15 and has been actively working on the expansion of the business for around 56 years. He attended Tejarat Lycee, a French-funded school for business, in the 1960s, and is known and respected as a veteran businessman. Most of our business with far eastern companies and products imported to the south and Central Asia by the group was a solo operation as far as the idea was concerned.


His business and entrepreneurial acumen is the result of apprenticeships and the laborious hard work to tackle economic constraints and improvise new ways to benefit communities, employees and shareholders of the group.


He was one of the very first to import green tea from Vietnam to this region. It was after this fact that people here realised that Vietnam has green tea, and now 80 percent of green tea consumed in Afghanistan and Pakistan comes from Vietnam.


Core competencies of H. Q. Akbarzai include locating gaps in markets, cost-effective procurement, and seasonal sales forecasting, all whilst being a pro trader of commodities and Forex markets.


He has played an active role in varied government regimes of Afghanistan, in helping the state to preclude trade hindrances with neighbouring states. After deteriorating bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Iran in 1997, both countries were almost on the brink of war. The chairman headed a delegation to talk to the Iranian government to allow Afghan transit, thus preempting a catastrophe, since Afghanistan is landlocked and the US had imposed sanctions that other neighbours had to abide by.


He has remained a peace activist and has always extended a helping hand to the destitute communities of his homeland country, and IDPs in Pakistan.

Vice Chairman & Group MD

Years of Experience: 23 Years

Our Vice-Chairman and Group MD, Wali Akbarzai, attended the historic British Edwards College in Peshawar, Pakistan for his early education, and pursued studies in the Faculty of Arts. Initially studying civics, economics and statistics, he then gained his bachelor’s from the same college in economics and political science. He went on to study at Peshawar University and obtained his masters in International Relations, graduating in the First Division (Distinction). He attended a Fulbright course in Sofia, Bulgaria, in leadership and negotiations with the focus being on peacebuilding, and he completed that in 2013. He is also a qualified Gemologist and studied Gemology at the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, in 2014. He is a polyglot with linguistic prowess, so he possesses the advantageous ability to communicate with multiple communities in the region. His leadership skills and benevolent attitude speak volumes.


Wali Akbarzai has worked closely alongside the chairman for over two decades and has proven himself to be his successor in a paradigm-shift of the business for the Group entering innovative and emerging markets, to align itself with modern day lucrative trading companies.


Core competencies of Wali Akbarzai are logistics, contracts, negotiations with the public and private sector, and entrepreneurship.


He actively counsels governments in Pakistan and Afghanistan and assists them in honing better social, political and bilateral trade terms, which in turn promote peace, stability and unity between the two states. Additionally, he has contributed an active and eloquent critique for local news agencies; he presented the paper “Policies & Policies affecting bilateral trade” at the Area study centre, a think tank affiliated with UoP and sponsored by Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.


Considering the profound understanding of geography, his educational background, communication skills and the international trading experience for economic growth of Pakistan and Afghanistan, he has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the Akbarzai Group and organizations worldwide, which he has helped in peace dialogues and improvising better trade deals.


Wali Akbarzai is the pioneer of the mining business for the group that started with humble beginnings in procurement services for clients, and has now grown to a medium-sized taxpayer in Afghanistan and Pakistan, creating multiple jobs in both states.


Group Business Development Director & CEO, Akbarzai Tech UK

Years of Experience: 12 Years

Masood Akbarzai chose to pursue his studies in the sciences, opting for A-Levels in mathematics, chemistry, english and physics at Beaconhouse School System, Pakistan. He then gained a BEng with Honours in Chemical Engineering at the prestigious and renowned School of CEAS at UMIST, the University of Manchester, U.K.

The University of Manchester is the birthplace for Chemical Engineering and it was followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the second school in the world to offer the course back in the early 1900s. Masood Akbarzai was the first registered Afghan-British graduate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester in the establishment’s history of over a century.

Following his successful education, he was recruited in his early career by a private speciality chemicals manufacturer in the U.K. There, he proved himself to be the youngest design engineer in the country to design and install a distillation plant that separates two isomers in its finest PPM ratios, by forensic design scrutiny of manufacturing methods using advanced computational mathematical modeling.

With no assistance from a design house, and working on an operation plant, his results proved quantum and the optimum process optimization delivered humongous operating cost savings. It was then that he decided to launch his own private consultancy to help clients in the manufacturing industries worldwide, which led to other disciplines of varied industries and entrepreneurship.

Core competencies of Masood Akbarzai involve process engineering design, risk and safety, forensic technical audit, renewable industries, forensic financial audit, retail F&B, digital marketing & digital reach, contract negotiations and he specialises in forecasting capital and operating cost savings.


Masood Akbarzai is an entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of experience in real-estate, international trade, retail, franchising, chemical engineering including operations, design, safety, industrial economics and risk management of fine chemical manufacturing and refining industries. His business establishments include, but are not confined to, the inception and operations of new retail, revamping and sales of real estate, franchising, brand development and marketing.


He is the director of Akbarzai UK, a sister company of the Akbarzai Group, which was the pioneering franchising start-up company for the launch of Canada’s largest speciality coffee retailer in the U.K. – The Second Cup Coffee Company Inc. It is growing in size and trade year on year in the country and competing against all of its like for like national and international brands.


Masood Akbarzai excels in working as an interlocutor for B2B, B2C and creating a chain of networks leading to a system in itself. He counsels for high net-worth individuals and organisations to enhance their growth in mutual interests, and exchanges inter-transferable skills that help him to flourish as an entrepreneur. He is currently counselling a number of blue-chip entities including financial institutions in the U.K. on digital reach and marketing to affluent millennials. Being a philanthropist, helping those who are less fortunate is something he passionately believes in and he actively takes time out to work for such causes


His primary role for the Akbarzai Group is to minimise risk and introduce new methods by carrying out tedious and intricate forensic, technical, and financial audits for the group. He then advises the shareholders on forecasted risks. He develops computational models and integrated management systems for the mining business of the group, which then helps the Akbarzai Group to stand out against its competitors in its high GCV natural coal procurement for its industrial clients.


Group Finance Director

Years of Experience: 9 Years


S. B. Khan Akbarzai pursued his early studies in business, accounting and economics at A-Level. This was followed by his higher education in accounting and finance, in which he obtained a bachelor’s degree with honours, from the London School of Economics. He works in the capacity of core funds management of the group and a heads the accounts and sales team.


His achievements include the acquisition of newly built real estate turned into high yield rental ROI to be sold back in the market. He manages the group’s real estate and rental income allocation for new projects.


Core competencies of S. B. Khan Akbarzai include finance, accounts, real estate, Forex trading and team leadership.


He is a day trader on international financial markets, and he makes strategic policies for the group in relation to investment risks by scrutinising the company’s accounts and decisions made by the shareholders.

Paul Stevers P.Eng

Affiliate & Chief Counsellor to the Akbarzai Group

Years of Experience: 34 Years


Paul Stevers is a Canadian engineer, inventor, and the founder of several for-profit and non-profit businesses. After graduating from the University of Waterloo engineering program in Ontario, Canada, Paul launched his entrepreneurial career by co-founding an environmental business in 1984 called Impax Incorporated. In 1992, he joined a US-based company called Bio-Oxidation Inc. to lead the development of a new medical waste processing technology, which became the next generation of a system he had created with Impax Incorporated.

As part of the management team of Bio-Oxidation, he helped raise over US$10,000,000 from investors, build this company and then sell it to a large public corporation. After this company was sold, he co-founded a consulting company called Oxidation Technologies, Inc., which focused on enhancing medical waste processing technologies.


After the tragic events that unfolded on September 11, 2001, Paul decided to change direction and explore how to best help counter violent extremism in unstable areas of the world in addition to operating his consulting business. He began to spend an increasing amount of time on this issue and, over the next several years, he invested over a million dollars to develop and demonstrate ways to combine available technologies and renewable resources to help stabilize conflict zones around the world. Initially, the focus area was Afghanistan, and it now includes parts of Africa.
Paul founded CharityHelp International (CHI) in 2004 to facilitate long-term financial support for children in developing countries by enabling sponsors to build relationships with these children via supervised communications over the Internet and pay for their sponsorship online.


In 2010, he founded Think Renewables, Inc. in the US to develop a series of computer-related products that are designed to operate in challenging environments such as Afghanistan and parts of Africa. These products are now being used in several areas including education, commerce, and telemedicine.

In 2014, Paul founded Think Renewables Group to help coordinate the operations of his various companies, further develop the group’s technologies and services and raise money to scale-up its operations.


Paul is working on technology-intensive and innovative projects via Akbarzai UK, with the Akbarzai Group in Afghanistan and Pakistan to develop and pioneer renewable industry in the two states and help the Akbarzai Group in enhancing its mining business.