Afghanistan has two major mines; the kaleej and Darra-e-souf, in Central Bamiyan and Sumangan Provinces respectively. We export coal from these two mines to Pakistan. At present we are also looking to expand our exports to other countries.
Coarse Grain Sugar
It is used as everyday sweeteners for direct consumption, as well as a sweetening ingredient for all kinds of beverages and soft drinks, pharmaceuticals and industrial products, which requires high quality sugar to meet the end product requirements.
Fine Sugar
It is the most popular form of table sugar. In addition, it is also used in a variety of food industries for direct processing.
Extra Fine Sugar
It has found a niche in specialty products like powdered drinks, and is an in-demand product for confectionaries, bakeries and patisseries worldwide.
We are one of the largest importers and distributors of CTC (Crush, Tear, and Curl) PF 1 and BP 1 Tea from Kenya and Green Tea from Vietnam and Indonesia, for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Our partners in Kenya and Vietnam are the State export firms, while in Indonesia it is one of the top exporters.
Milk Powder
Dairy products are very popular in Afghanistan. Due to its long shelf life and the developing means of transport and communication it is, the preferred choice amongst Afghans. Catering to this demand we import milk powder from USA and Europe and distribute throughout Afghanistan. Dry whole milk, nonfat dry milk, dry buttermilk, and dry whey are some of the types of powdered milk that we import.
We import Sugar from Brazil, Thailand and UAE in large quantities. Since sugar is an essential commodity and one of our mainly imported item, we can always supply in large quantities to other destinations.
Good quality Soapstone is found in Nangahar province, which we export to Pakistan. Soapstone is used for making inlaid designs, sculptures, cosmetics, coasters, kitchen countertops and sinks. Due to its demand, interest has also been generated for its export to the Gulf and other South-Asian countries. We are also are conducting a feasibility study for processing soapstone domestically.
Raw Silk
We are importing raw silk for cottage industry from China. The traditional dresses in Central and South Asian Countries are made from cloth produced from raw silk in cottage industries by handmade weaving methods. We are also looking to add value to the raw silk and start exporting as well.
Akbarzai & Co Ltd is a leading importer of South Korean automobiles to Afghanistan. The range of vehicles includes cars, vans, mini buses and trucks. Presently Eastern Afghanistan is our focus, with a view to expand to other parts of Afghanistan.
Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal is an important industry in Pakistan; it is recycled in Steel Mills and used for a variety of construction and other materials. Capitalising on this need, we import scrap metal from Central Asia and Afghanistan into Pakistan.
Every tonne of new steel made from scrap steel saves:

1,115 kg of iron ore
625kg of coal
53kg of limestone

Consolidated Container
These are containers with mixed products, tailored made to customer’s demand. We can supply these containers to any destination in Afghanistan and Pakistan.