The group predominantly specialises in mining, construction, international logistics along fleet management, industrial procurement for cement and textiles plants, and a start-up technology business in Afghanistan. The technology business along the mining business is overseen by our expert sister company, Akbarzai Tech UK in The United Kingdom and a specialist affiliate renewable technologies organisation, Think Renewables Inc in Canada.

For over four decades the group has remained a pioneering and key player of numerous edible and non-edible items been imported and exported to and from Afghanistan and Pakistan to the rest of the world and vice versa. With the passage of time, the consolidated containers trade has waned but not obliterated and the group has seen a paradigm shift in Afghanistan’s mining and technology industries at its primitive phases. The group’s and the CEO’s vision is to become one of the first top-tier and most experienced companies within the mining and technology industry in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s mining sector is estimated to be worth up to USD 1 trillion – Currently, the group is handling 10% of total coal exports of the country and is on the look for iron mines to fulfil a client enquiry and instruction that demands over 10,000 metric tonnes of raw iron per month. We are also keen on facilitating services for the lithium industry of Afghanistan, once we have the heads up from the government. Our overseas technology companies along our parent company are working very closely with MoMP (Ministry of Mines & petroleum Afghanistan), USGS (United States geological survey) along national and international investors.


Akbarzai & Co Ltd, having expertise in modern day construction has completed numerous projects in this field. In close collaboration with leading Design and Consultancy firms, we provide the most cost-effective management for projects. We aim to complete projects on time and within budget. We can provide a one window operation from initial feasibility to project completion. Our sectors include but not limited to Commercial, Residential, Retail, Leisure, Industrial, Educational and Healthcare.

Below are some of the successful projects completed by the group;



Akbarzai constructions in collaboration with DMC constructions has successfully built a bridge in Aino Mina of South Afghanistan for our client Mr. Mahmood Akbarzai (Brother of Ex-President of Afghanistan)



Akbarzai Group assisted the Marriott group with construction procurement in the international market and the logistics of the material from Pakistan to Kabul, Afghanistan – The group provided a one window service to minimize the capital cost and enhance the erecting of the process of the building for the hotel



In the year 2012 Akbarzai constructions in collaboration with EA consultants designed and surveyed for Government of Afghanistan to retrofit the famous Arthal (Harten) bridge in Kabul Afghanistan which had been declared as one of the historical sites of Afghanistan.


Akbarzai & Co Ltd, having a network of experienced staff members looking after transit activities overseas is doing logistics for the company itself and also offers the services to other clients. Projects such as Five Star hotel in Kabul and other contracts for International Organizations have been successfully completed and delivered on time.

The services include supply, transport, procurement and customs and transit clearing with forwarding from different destinations and port cities of Karachi and Bandar Abbass (Pakistan and Iran). In over 40 years of active imports in transit Akbarzai has looked after these activities by itself and has never sourced out the services to other entities.

A custom clearing and forwarding staff permanently based in Pakistan, a fleet of trailers registered in Afghanistan with permission to travel inside Pakistan, representatives at both sides of the border crossings on the Durand Line and regional office in eastern city of Jalalabad is tasked to manage the desired service, while on the other hand Dubai sister organization (Akbarzai Trading LLC) would look after Air Cargo and transit through Bandar Abbass for imports to Western Herat Province.

Some of our clients have been well-known organizations like the ICRC and the Marriott Group, while numerous names of local Afghan and Pakistani firms can be looked at whom we have worked for four decades.

Currently, we have a dedicated Akbarzai fleet for the coal exports from Afghanistan to Pakistan which loads coal from North Afghanistan and offloads in central Punjab, Pakistan at our warehouse facility. We are looking to extend this service to further mines of iron and lithium in the near future for our clients in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world.


(Akbarzai Coal in transit from remote Afghanistan to industrial clients about 1700 km away in Pakistan)


Akbarzai technologies are endeavours by our parent company, a Sister company in The U.K and affiliate company in Canada and are headed and managed by Akbarzai technologies UK. The group aims at introducing VR (Virtual reality) and AR (Augmented reality) for the first time in the mining and technology industry of Afghanistan – Refer to our “Mining” tab, to facilitate efficient and optimum exploration and extraction by large overseas industry players.

Akbarzai Tech is also working on energy generation from waste heat and solar energy projects for Afghanistan to help preclude potential energy crisis.

Currently, the group is working intensively on coal mines management and quality control using advanced computational Mathematical modelling by our Akbarzai Tech UK company that allows us to carry out competitive procurement for our clients that’s second to none.

We are on the look for iron ores and presently conducting feasibility studies and operating cost analysis for our client.


Refer to our mining tab and watch the space for updates on our techno developments in the sector.


This is our most mature discipline of expertise since 1964 which includes the exports of fresh & dry fruits back in 60’s to imports of cooking oil, ghee, cosmetics, sugar and automobiles in late 90’s to early 2000. We are currently exporting Talc (Soap Stone) from Afghanistan and are on the look for importing heavy-duty machinery for industrial and mining use from Europe and the USA.

Below is one of our historic exclusive brand and product from Singapore that our CEO developed in early 90’s in Singapore for imports to Afghanistan. The brand grew by 400% sales in first 5 years and was brought to a halt in 1999.