The group plays an active role of philanthropy in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the U.K and to date has raised funds to help British, Pakistani, American and Afghan NGO’s to make our communities a better, safer and a place of equal opportunity for fellow citizens.

Akbarzai has always extended a helping hand in turmoil to help local communities and raise funds for some renowned charities in its efforts to lessen poverty and unemployment – We are always on the look to hire young talent and consider ourselves as an investor in people. We have created many new jobs in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the U.K.

Below are some of our charitable works in collaboration with some of the renowned international charities.


Akbarzai has been an active donor by raising funds to help the British NGO Islamic relief – The organisation helped the IDP’s of Southern Afghanistan in their relocation from Helmand to Kabul.

Akbarzai has helped the disabled association of Afghanistan and raised funds for national Afghan NGO AFCECO


Akbarzai has paid the company’s net profits equivalent zakat in Pakistan to EDHI foundation, the world’s largest independent ambulance provider – EDHI foundation also provides refuge for abandoned orphans.


Our sister company Akbarzai Tech in the U.K has remained an active donor to orphansinneed.org in the U.K.

Our company was the only business in the vicinity of Manchester bombings in May 2017 that remained opened and demonstrated velour despite imperil of further threat to extend their helping hand in providing shelter, free food and drinks to victims, journalists, Police and all emergency services.

Our retail F&B outlet then remained an active donor and supporter to Greater Manchester Police, the NHS and Ambulance service in Manchester, UK

The brave assistance in the bombing was covered by international media and broadcasted worldwide – Below is footage of our Director in the U.K with Sky News on the day of calamity and an interview with local press